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Growing up, Mr. Mulami visited his family in France, where they had a broad selection of cured meats made without pork. He couldn't find anything similar in the states. Mr. Mulami was infatuated with finding a way to make these meats on his own, So he has been studying the art of making cured meat, especially salami, for the past six years. His salami takes five weeks to dry in an environmentally controlled chamber. Making salami is a long, meticulous practice that involves fermenting and then drying the salami at precise, low temperatures and high humidity for long periods. Mulami isn't made quickly in a massive factory by adding additives and heat to speed up the process. Mulami is making salami the same way they did in Italy centuries ago.


"Making salami is in the same category as cheese or wine making. Please enjoy my hard work, time, and passion (aka my art)." -Mr. Mulami